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A garage door adds security to a home. If it’s damaged beyond repair, it’s not doing you any good. If now’s the time to replace a garage door, call one of our MyHome Garage Doors locations to schedule free estimate. We’ll remove your old garage door and replace it with a brand-new one.

Make MyHome Garage Doors your top choice for garage door services. Here are three reasons why our customers  trust us when they need expert garage door installation:

  • We sell and install garage doors on single-family homes, townhomes and apartment buildings
  • We can order custom garage doors that match your home’s style
  • We can reinforce your current garage door that will prepare you for any storm

Safety and reliability are not an option: They are a must

We offer the longest labor warranties that are out there because we believe our work should last for years to come. You deserve to be able to trust your garage door every time you use. MyHome Garage Doors carries and installs only top-quality garage doors, including impact garage doors and hurricane-proof garage doors.

We are a professional garage door company with certified technicians who you can count on to get the job done in a safe and effective manner. We only use and install the best garage door parts and equipment, carrying the best warranties in the industry.

Looking for a career with the best garage door sale/installation company?

    We are looking for friendly, experienced garage door technicians to join our existing locations. You don’t live in near where we operate? You don’t have to move. MyHome Holding Company can help you set up a MyHome Garage Doors location right where you live.

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    Benefits of new garage doors

    Your home’s value
    Your home’s security
    Your home’s safety
    Your utility costs


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